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Aluminum Rolling Roof

Fully Innovative

Aluminum Rolling Roof

Fully Innovative

Aluminum panels can open desired angle and providing daylight, ventilation and shading. With opening angle panels prevent water in a rainy weather while ventilating indoor. All kinds of interior lighting and heating system can be applied in the ceiling.

General Features

  • The system works with 5% slope.
  • Single unit can be built up to 50 m2 area.
  • Rain evacuate by the gutters which are on the panel. Water resistant.On the system Epdm gasket is using.
  • The system can be built as a single unit up to a width of 8 m and unlimited area shading can be added by adding multiple units.
  • System’s horizontal load bearing columns must be placed every 300 cm.
  • All profiles and accessories are stainless. The load-bearing profiles are 100 * 100 * 4 mm and 60 * 120 * 4 mm. Steel construction is not required.
  • The system can work all kind of unbalanced surfaces;Columns can adjust themselves and sytem Works properly.
  • The system has 425 W of 120 nm torque and 880 W of 300 nm torque motors. System security is provided by motion sensor switches.
  • Standard color is storm blue (Ral 7016) column and panel (Ral 9001) color is cream. It can be apply for all other colors.
  • Spare parts are guaranteed for 2 years.

Output Power: 425 W

Output Power: 880 W

Carrier Profiles: 100*100*4mm

Carrier Profiles: 60*120*4mm

Drive Power: 120 Nm Torque

Drive Power: 300 Nm Torque

2 years: Warranty

Broad: Color Range