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(Lift & Slide )Hebeschiebe System

(Lift & Slide )Hebeschiebe System




(Lift & Slide )Hebeschiebe System

By installing the Hebeschiebe Sliding system in your home or office, you do not compromise on the views you can enjoy. These systems are the ideal solution to provide more spaciousness in rooms that require a lot of sunlight or in spaces with large glass windows. Hebeschiebe Sliding System, Lifting Sliding System (Hebeschiebe), your home and workplace wide window surfaces, terraces, balconies and open doors to gardens; By combining your view with the outside environment without splitting, it allows you to use the widest possible glass surface and close it in a stylish and practical way.

With a higher sliding and sealing system (EN 13115, EN 1026, EN 1027, EN 12211) than the simple sliding systems (Hebeschiebe), it will be protected from external weather conditions without compromising on the visual and spaciousness of the place you live. you will experience the comfort of a transparent wall in your living space with an effective security facility.

In addition to elegance and space saving, the Hebeschiebe allows you to open a very large glass surface compartment with a single hand gesture without any effort.

Depending on the width of the area to be used, Hebeschiebe can be composed of fixed and movable parts, as well as 2-3-4 parts with all wings moving. Hebeschiebe is the best solution that combines ease of use, comfort, safety and spaciousness with the ability to cover openings up to 12 meters with a choice of 4 wings and a one-piece wings 3 meters wide.

Hebeschiebe stands out as an excellent option in architectural projects with its wide range of outward opening points, thanks to its static values, slat structure that allows all types of glass applications, wide decorative coating options and price advantage compared to other systems.