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Guillotine Glass Systems

Guillotine Glass Systems

Using years of expertise and knowledge in the glass industry, Solarwin offers a handy guillotine glass system!

Smoothly working telescopic guillotine lenses make a great addition to every contemporary architectural design. High production standard In addition to being a quality solution for your Solarwin guillotine glass system, it offers optimum performance in thermal insulation, solar gain and transparency. Although it is a bespoke architectural glass solution, we can create a design and configuration that suits your building. The motors, accessories used can be selected and integrated into your smart home system. Remote controlled motorized Guillotine Glass System – ideal for restaurant, terrace, patio and garden.

Solarwin Guillotine Glass Systems are fully automatic opening and vertically opening glass panels. The modular guillotine glass systems are the newest automatic window system preferred in many areas and places. Guillotine glass systems are produced in many models and designs according to the purpose of use. Special design stainless profiles, steel carriers are 100% safe and alternative glass options are the highest level of security.

Usage Places

Window, Room Partition, Shop Showcase, Cafe & Restaurant, French Balconies, Automatic Glass Balustrade, Roof Terraces and Balconies, Pool Edges, Winter Gardens, Pergola Awning, all vertical structure closures such as wind breaker.

All parts of the guillotine glass window systems are made of heat-insulated and stainless materials.


–  Thermal Insulation
High level heat insulation and heat glass profile options.
–  Sound Insulation and Wind Protection
It provides 60% sound insulation. Use in adverse weather conditions.
–  Seamless Landscape
Dikey olarak çalışan özel tasarım mekanlara kesintisiz panaroma.
–  Automatic Operation
Controlled or timed on and off options.
–  Ventilation
Continuous ventilation in unfavorable weather conditions with the ability of glass sashes to stand in the desired place.
–  Glass Railing
Particularly in terrace applications, it acts as a 100% safe glass railing.
–  Unlocked Security
Special security glass and profile system provides unlocked security.
Freedom and Comfort
The easy to use guillotine glazing system offers a high level of comfort close to nature.

      • Heat Glass

      • Single Glazed