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Ceiling Curtain Systems

Ceiling Curtain Systems




Automatic Ceiling Curtain Systems

Depending on the fabric preference, you can also determine how much light is reflected in the space you will apply. All materials used in Tavanzip and Zip Curtain, Automatic Facade Curtain systems are of high quality. We are constantly optimizing our products to improve appearance and durability to a higher level. If you want to buy and use more specialized products in terms of hardware, Ceiling Zip is the right choice for you. With horizontal sun protection system, it prevents the intense heat coming from all horizontal and inclined windows. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a unique tension of the fabric. Thanks to its design, CeilingZip is perfectly compatible with your home.

“Very large areas up to 30 m2 are possible with Tavanzip Max.”


Tavanzip keeps the bar high in design. With a wide choice of colors for fabric and aluminum parts, separate integration into your wall and a smooth fabric, the sun protection screen is an integral part of your home.


A ceiling curtain not only provides a comfortable interior in your home, it also prevents disturbing reflections or glare. For extra comfort, your louvers can be fully automated, so the system ensures optimal temperature even when you are not at home.


Güncellenmiş rehberlik sistemi (Smooth teknolojisi) daha iyi bir rüzgar direnci ve dış stor perdenin son derece yumuşak çalışmasını sağlar. Yetkili bir satıcı tarafından yapılan mükemmel kurulum ve piyasadaki en iyi garanti sayesinde, uzun yıllar boyunca güneş korumanızın tadını endişe etmeden çıkarabilirsiniz.


  • Tavan zip optimizes its products to continuously increase comfort, appearance and durability to a higher level. Pressure tests, wind tests and weather resistance tests, Tavanzip® Tavanzip® Max. guarantee the quality.
  • Tavan zip® technology, combined with Tavanzip technology, has extreme wind resistance.
  • Thanks to the intelligent zipper system, the fabric is windproof in any position.
  • Due to the edges, the symmetrical zipper is placed on both sides embedded in the zipper guides.
  • The test showed that the Tavanzip Max was resistant to a wind speed of 130 km / h in a closed position, under the observation of an independent testing laboratory. This corresponds to 12 hurricanes of Beaufort. Tavanzip Max proves to be one of the most durable sun protection screens.

Your investment has paid off for years.

All materials used are of high quality. Enjoy carefree years with your sunscreen screens.

Comfort – Easy and quiet operation.

The outer roller blind is easy and comfortable to use.

There are many options for the roof curtain to work. You can choose to perform a simple operation using the switch, or allow the roof to operate automatically depending on the intensity of the sun or wind.

With the Somfy® Tahoma interface, you can operate Tavanzip fully automatically via Smartphone, tablet, PC and even at pre-programmed times. Therefore, the operation of the sun protection screen is fully adapted to the needs of your home.

Extremely smooth and quiet operation.

The ‘Smooth Technology Tav of Tavanzip ceiling curtain systems works extremely smoothly and quietly in the zipper guides. The unique wear-resistant layer in the zipper guides makes the operation of your sun protection screen more durable.

Color options in aluminum.

Visible parts of aluminum sunshades (box, bottom rail and side channels) and structural sun protection (profiles, blades) are available in anodised aluminum or in all standard RAL colors.