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Accordion Door Systems

Accordion Door Systems

High Quality

Attractive Design

Accordion Door Systems

Folding doors are available in color. Folding doors with lock system and glass and without glass models adds aesthetics to your home decor. It can be applied to any surface in desired dimensions. Starting from 57 cm, it can stand flat with dimensions of 72 cm – 87 cm – 102 cm – 117 cm with 15 cm intervals. And it has no connection to the floor.

Various alternatives such as bottom rail and moldings are offered depending on the customer’s request. It helps you evaluate the door backs, which are described as dead zones in your home. It also cuts heat and sound insulation by 70%.

Usage Areas

  • Room doors
  • Office doors
  • Hall partition
  • Changing cabins
  • Pantry and wardrobe doors
  • Kitchen, bathroom, toilet doors